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Birds of a Different Feather

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Rusty - RIP

In 1994 we we give a cockatiels for a wedding gift. Her name was Rusty and she passed on February 5, 2011.

The Road Trip

Scruffy and Yenta were given to us when we were visiting in Florida. We got them from a friend of my sisters when we were returning home. Naked young birds are ugly! Scruffy looked scruffy and Yenta would not shut up hence the names. I good way to bond with new birds is letting them sit on your shoulders for a 1200 mile trip.

We did put the in a box at night because they were getting confused by the passing headlights. When we got home we were bonded.

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goosey front.jpg

Goosey Goose
Neil with Timmy, graduated from Luzrne County College in May of 2007. A few days later, 2 of his instructors brought us Goosey Goose. Never figured out if there was any deep message behind that. Goosey Goose is big and loud. 





Ebby the Emu - On October 21, 2007 we recieved a phone from a neighbor down the street, who

ebby small.jpgasked if we would come get our Emu. We informed her we did not have an Emu, to which she quipt "that it could only come from the Funny Farm" and could we come down.

Yep, it was an Emu, we split up and chased the bird for a couple of hours. It finially ran though the woods to another neighbors property, where with Vonnie's help the caught it. They said they wanted to keep it so we left.

It took about an hour before the phone rang and they asked if we would come and get it. That led to my first experience of goosing an Emu to get it into a horse trailer. We of course had to build a build a pen and unload it.

We spent some time trying to find the owner calling 911 centers in 4 counties, vets and feed stores. We never did find the answer to "how do you lose an Emu?"

We named it Ebby, and it actually had quite a personality. When the neighbor kids would come over he would lower his head to their height.

Ebby lived here a couple of years and some how must have jumped out of a 6' pen. He died in a field over the mountain as we were trying to round him up. We think it was his heart.

Enjoy some of his photos.



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