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"Our Critters"

We affectionately refer to our collection of animals as "critters" and we do have a small collection ranging from dogs and cats to miniature horses, wild burro's birds, ducks, Goosey Goose and have even cared for a crocodile and emu.

Below you will find a small description of each animal and a link to their individual web page.

Therapy Critters

Dogs - Service/Therapy

  • Timmy
    Timmy is a mixture of Springer/Bassett Hound/Labrador Retriever and works as both Neil's service dog and as a therapy dog. See his page for details.
  • Cinderella
    Cinderella is Neil's new service dog. She joined us in June 2010 and is a black Labrador Retriever. She was raised in Benton by a puppy raiser for Susquehanna Service Dogs of Harrisburg. She is our only animal that is not a rescue because of her very specialized work of medical alert. 

Miniature Horses - Therapy

  • Buddy
    Buddy is a miniature horse that was rescued by us from the New Holland Auction. Instead of going to a killer, we did the rescue ourselves. Buddy stands at 28" and is now a certified therapy animal because of his outgoing personality. His blue eyes seems to melt peoples heart. 

  • Shorty
    Shorty is a miniature horse that was placed here after being rescued. He makes a perfect companion for Buddy. Shorty stands at 32" and is also a certified therapy animal with a great personality. Special note on miniature horses: People want miniature horses for show and breeding, if the horses are not perfect (miniature horses are prone to deformities), they are often dumped or abandoned. 

Donkeys -Therapy

  • Honeybun
    Honeybun is our special girl. She is a donkey, burro or an ass. All are proper terms. She is one of only two donkey's certified by the Delta Society for therapy work. She was captured wild by the Federal Government ( Bureau of Land Management) near Big Bear California. You can see her at expo's, schools, churches and other special events. 

  • Henry 
    Henry is a donkey, burro or an ass. All are proper terms. Since he is a male, he really is a jackass. He was captured wild by the Federal Government ( Bureau of Land Management) near in Nevada by the California border

  • Dorsal
    Doral is a donkey, burro or an ass. All are proper terms. She was captured wild by the Federal Government ( Bureau of Land Management) near in Nevada by the Arizona border. She has a dosal stripe, hence the name.

Ducks - Therapy

  • Afro
  • Daffy
  • Donald
  • Frenchie 
  • Stumpy
  • Von Drake 
Just Critters


  • Hayward
    Hayward is a very affectionate cat was abandoned at our farm. Hayward has made himself at home and has family.

  • Mikey
    Mikey was taken in from a home up river where the child was dianoised with autism. The mother was looking for the right home and chose the Funny Farm. He is 1 years old and a handful. He stands his ground, which is no fun for Timmy.Mikey is playful and we never know where he is going to crawl out of, but chances are, it is from behind a TV or computer. He likes to use the keyboard.

  • Samantha
    Samantha was brought to us by an elderly couple, who's children did not want them to have a cat. We do not know why. She at times is the scaredycat. She does run from Timmy, given him great delight and at other times, lies next to him on couch or in sun light.

  • Gargage Cats
    Some unknow person had dumped a mother and kitten off during summer of 2009. We give them food and water. They seem healthy. Please do not dump unwanted animals.


  • Ruby
    Ruby is our newest challenge and joined us on Septeber 11, 2010. She is 5 yo and redish in color. We hope after training that she will have the personality and interest to be a therapy donkey. 

Ducks & Geese

  • Ducks -Wild
    We also have a mixtures of wild ducks that live on the pond. They are ducks, they swim, eat and quack.
  • Canadian Geese
    Each Season we have 2 or 4  Canadian Geese that come nest, raise their young and leave.
  • Goosey Goose
    Neil with Timmy, graduated from Luzrne County College in May of 2007. A few days later, 2 of his instructors brought us Goosey Goose. Never figured out if there was any deep message behind that. Goosey Goose is big and loud.


  • Cockatiels 
    We have 2 remaining ockatiel's Yenta and Scuffy who were given to our care while we were in Florida. No feathers yet, but we bonded driving home with them riding on our shoulders.



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