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Timmy's Disney Adventures*
Please note that only service dogs are allowed at Disney parks 

3d 001.jpg 3d_0058.JPG 3d_0062.JPG chef mickey 010.jpg chef mickey 092.jpg chef mickey 102.jpg chef mickey 120.jpg chef mickey 139.jpg chef mickey 160.jpg small world 066.jpg star wars 042.jpg star wars 51.jpg star wars 74.jpg WDW day 1 031.jpg WDW day 2 006.jpg WDW day 2 018.jpg WDW day 4 004.jpg WDW day 4 009.jpg WDW day 4 014.jpg WDW day 4 024.jpg WDW day 4 028.jpg WDW day 4 036.jpg


Some of the photos were taken between Dec 23, 2001 - Jan , 2002. Vonnie, Neil and Timmy were working at "Ground Zero" in New York City and took a break for a pre-planned vacation. 

Some of the staff of Disney were extremely kind and courtious having learned of Timmy's therapy work in NYC and at local hospitals. We were able to do some character photos, which was special and when we returned, we made posters of Timmy and some of the characters which we then gave to the hospitals. Each floor or ward, was given a different character, so if someone got transfered they would see a new poster.

After the vacation, we did return to "Ground Zero" for more visits. The average stay for out of town workers/teams/volunteers were 3 week deployments, so often we would greet new people.

These are some of our fun photos that we hope you enjoy. Nothing disp[ayed on this page is related to Young's Funny Farm visits. We like Disney and other than our vacation during Dec 2001, our visits were done when we were in Florida for business or family.

chef mickey 105.jpg chef mickey 002.jpg chef mickey  20.jpg tigger 011.jpg pluto 119.jpg Olympus 023.jpg goofy105.png goofy timmy on knee.jpg goofy pets timmy.jpg DSC_0168.JPG DSC_0103.JPG DSC_0056.png donald 06.jpg darth mickey 071.jpg dale 116.jpg dale 91.jpg crew chef mickey 017.jpg chewy43.jpg chef mini 109.jpg chef mickey gang2.jpg chef mickey 111.jpg

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