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Photos of Ground Zero

Every year that goes by, people seem to forget what happened at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA.

Those that were directly involved, lost love ones or friends or live in NYC, will never forget. On the 9/11 anniversity, some programs may show the planes going into the towers.

I present a slide show of what happened from the attack, to the destruction and of the search efforts by the dogs teams, then show Siruis, the PAPD K9 that was killed in the attack being recovered from Ground Zero.

000-911-FLAG.png 001-opening-never.png 002-air-1.jpg 003-air-2.jpg 006-DSC_0013.JPG 008-11409898428631.jpg 009-09900815771.jpg 010-09901217444.jpg 011-_Bankers_Trust.jpg 012-B.Trust_lobby.jpg 013-04 Feb. 12 18.56.gif 014-Financial_Ctr.jpg 015-footbridge.jpg 016-North_Tower.jpg 017-Northwest_Hell.jpg 018-overview_west_2.jpg 019-street.jpg 020-street-level_1.jpg 021-street-level_2.jpg 022-destruction november21 28.png 023-destruction november21 30.png 024-destruction november21 31.png 025-security zone at the entrance to pit november23 32.png 030-fallen-heroes.png 031-FEMA-dogs.png 032-Presidential Good dog.jpg 033-5621.jpg 035-FEMA 24.jpg 036-fema-team3.png 037-fema-team2.png 040-fema-team5.png 041-fema-team7.png 050-no-id.png 051.jpg 052.jpg 053.jpg 054-acess FAC temp id.jpg 055.jpg 056.jpg 060-sirius.png 061-memorial.png 064-Sirius 007 apr 25 2005 - Copy.jpg 065-Sirius 011 apr 25 2005.jpg 067-Sirius 013 apr 25 2005.jpg 068-Sirius 014 apr 25 2005.jpg 069b-Sirius 024.jpg 072-Indy day2 chief2 020.jpg

The slides then show the Memorial Services for Sirius at Liberty State Park in NJ. If you look at some of these photos, you may notice the Hudson River and NYC in the background. If the photos were taken prior to 9/11/01, you would have seen the World Trade Center in the background. It seemed to make the location appropriate.

Personally, I have been to a number of police funerals. The bonding of brothers coming to pay last respects and bagpipes playing Amazing Grace was always powerful. The service for Sirius was just as emotional.

We attended Sirius' memorial. which was with police honors. Not only did police departments from ali over the United States send officers, if memory serves me right, there were 120 police K9 units from across the country that attended with their dogs.

I intially had doubts about going, not sure how Timmy would react in such an envionment. Timmy made us proud, and did some interviews including CNN. We did not see any of the interviews, because with one exception, every trip to Ground Zero was a day trip with us commuting from Berwick PA.



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