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Our Mission Statement "We Bring Smiles"

By using rescued animals for therapy work.

Animal Therapy News

July 24th
Four Honored with Clarkson University's Most Prestigious Alumni AwardClarkson University News (press release)In addition, as a member of the Delta Society Pet Partners Organization, Lubert and her dog Abby spent hours at various senior centers and hos...
July 24th
Together with RSPCA QLD, Delta Society will open dog behavioural schools ...Courier MailRSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend said the schools would carry the RSPCA brand name however training would be positive reinforcement methods designed by the internationally r...
July 22nd
Reading Today OnlineLet Reluctant Readers Go to the DogsReading Today OnlineThe Delta Society, an internationally recognized therapy animal association, cites the research of Robert H. Poresky and Karen Allen that children's cognitive development can ...
July 17th
HINGHAM'S YESTERDAYS: Paragon Park's Palm Garden popular summer ...Wicked Local HinghamTHE POPULARITY of the Palm Garden entertainment at Paragon Park, Nantasket Beach, is ever on the increase and record breaking attendances have been the rule dur...
July 16th
CheyennestarWild Horse & Burro Adoption Heading to Woodward, OK, July 25-26CheyennestarWILD HORSES & BURROS…Iconic symbols of America's western heritage – are renowned for their strength, endurance, agility and intelligence, characteristics br...
July 15th
Dances with Dogs and Alternatives to MedicineNewswire (press release)The Delta Society, a non-profit dedicated to advancing human health through positive interactions with pets, is another organization that backs this up by sharing research that indicates...
July 15th
Therapy dogs did more than imagined after Law stabbingMilford MirrorHe thanked representatives of Pet Partners, formerly Delta Society, and Newtown Kindness, a non-profit organization founded in memory of Charlotte Bacon, a victim of the Sandy Hook Elemen...
July 9th
Wild Horse & Burro AdoptionKTULA 24 hour run-a-thon event that started on Saturday was aimed at supporting a YWCA health and wellness program. Several people committed themselves to running one hour on a treadmill and raising at least $150 for the int...
July 5th
Sammy making a great differenceTasmania ExaminerDelta Therapy Dog Sammy and his owner Joanne Cox, of Ulverstone, reading the Delta Society's newest book, Dogs That Make a Difference. Picture: PAUL SCAMBLER. MEET Sammy. He is a four-year-old kelpie and...
July 2nd
Four-legged companions bring smiles to the elderly every weekPerry County Republic Monitor“I had been involved with Delta Society performing visits ten years prior to meeting Connie and Jodi,” Romann said. “Delta Society (now Pet Partners) teaches the ski...

Young's Funny Farm will be at the Bloomsburg Nationals at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds Aug 9 - Aug 11, 2013

Thanks to some dedicated friends and volunteers, we will be set up at the Bloomsburg Nationals with our therapy donkeys and mini horses outside the Industrial Building. Please stop by and say hello. Friends will be on hand to help raise funds to get us on the road, but as always, there is no charge to visit our animals and ask questions.
bloom national.JPG

Temporary Suspention of Visits

On June 27, 2013 we were involved in a motor vehicle accident which caused the loss of our tow vehicle and horse trailer as well as injuries.

We are currently looking for a used Suburban or Expedition or pickup truck with an extended cab with a towing hitch and a used horse trailer. Preferably a 4-6 horse stock trailer, but we will consider a 2 horse trailer.

Since we do not charge for visits, we need something that is inexpensive or can be out right donated.

We are also accepting donations that can be made by clicking on the donate button on the bottom right of this page. Donations are used for care and feeding of our animals, veterinarian bills and support our visits. 

We plan to be back on the road hopefully this month or September. As soon as we can get back on the road, our visits will resume. We are able to do local visits currently with therapy ducks and dog only.

You can find us on Facebook by looking for Young's Funny Farm Inc.

Who We Are
Young's Funny Farm is the home of some very special therapy animals including our therapy donkeys Henry & Honeybun; our miniature therapy horses, Buddy & Shorty; therapy ducks, Afro, Daffy, Donald, Frenchie, Stumpy & Von Drake; and our cross trained service/therapy dogs Cinderella. All our animals are part of the Pet Partners® and have taken the same testing that the more common therapy dog takes with only minor adjustments for different species.

We currently have 12 therapy animals available for visits. 

What We Do
We visit many different types of facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, special needs centers, schools, church programs, camps and other community events. We do many special needs camps and classes as well as assisted living units.

We Can Alway Use Donations

We volunteer our time and resources and our visits and services are done for free. First we need donations and if you are able to help, with a donation, of any amount, even a small amount, it all adds up and helps. If you cannot help, do not feel bad, but sometimes words of encouragement help too.

You can use PayPal buy clicking the button on the bottom of the page or by sending a check to Young's Funny Farm, 764 Knob Mountain Rd, Berwick PA 18603. For a better break down of costs please click here.

Gift Cards
We can always use gifts cards for Tractor Supply Company, Agway and for projects on the farm and fence repair, Home Depot and Lowes. For a better idea of what type of feed we use and costs please click here.

For a better idea of our costs for caring for the animals, please click here.

Young's Funny Farm - We Bring Smiles!

The Littlest Things in Life Available at Berwick Library

The Littlest Things in Life is a short feature movie directed by Jeanette Kammerer, from Temple University's Film and Media Arts program as her senior thesis film. The film is a fifteen-minute documentary about miniature horses Buddy and Shorty of Young’s Funny Farm in Berwick, Pa, who are trained to assist and provide therapy for people who need physical, mental, and emotional aid.

This film willfocus on Young’s Funny Farm in Berwick, Pa, an animal therapy program run by husband and wife team Neil and Yvonne  "Vonnie" Young, which uses a variety of animals such as dogs, ducks, donkeys, and two mini hors
es to provide those in need with a unique emotional therapy experience.

The film crew followed the Young's on several therapy visits including St Joseph Center in Scranton and other facilities.

Most people are familiar with St Joseph Center because of WNEP's Joe Snedeker's Go Joe Bike Ride throughout the region to raise funds for St Joseph Center.

 In 2008, the St Joseph Center annual report, stated "Another unique experience this year for individuals in the program was Young's Funny Farm visits to both sites. Young's Funny Farm is an organization that brings therapy animals to visits individuals in different settings. During their visit they brought Timmy a therapy dog, Buddy and Shorty, two miniature therapy horses. Honeybun, a therapy donkey and two beautiful ducks. Those in the program enjoyed petting, feeding and looking at the animals. For many it was the first time they were able to see the various animals."

buddy professional.jpgThe film opens at the Covered Bridge Festival at Knoebles, where the Young's were doing a meet & greet where the public can visit with the therapy animals, learn about the BLM Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Program and ask questions.

While the Young's have increased the number of public appearances they do on top of the therapy vists, they want the people to know, that the public appearences do not demostrate the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). The film shows the miniature horses during actual visits and how residents and patients respond.

Anyone who is considering doing therapy work with a dog or other animal, would benefit from seeing what is involved. Further information can be found at the Pet Partners® Program web site. 

The littlest Things in Life, premiered May 1, 2013 at the Pearl Theater in Philadelphia and was broadcasted by Metrocast in June.

People can also contact the Young's directly at 

Proud Member

delta-society-partner.png  wild-horse-burro-program.png

"Animals have the ability to bring out the best in people; when you  have the chance to cuddle with Timmy or Cinder, or
hear Honeybun "sing" for her 
carrot, it takes you back to gentler days of petting zoos, and connecting with nature."

"It is a pleasure for me to be able to express the experience and enjoyment brought to our residents from Young’s Funny Farm. We are aware that other facilities
host this group — but in their parking lots. We bring them into the facility, into the Activities Room where they are able to move among the residents, be pet and touched and given much love. 

Young’s Funny Farm has visited our facility many times. Their interactions with our residents is exceptional. They are patient and understanding, while interacting 
with our residents and their animals. Residents are entertained as well as excited to have these certified animals in such close proximity. Their faces tell it all."



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