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We understand that most places, unless we are doing a return visit, have never been visited by ducks, donkeys and miniature horses which leads to questions.

All our therapy animals are tested therapy animals with the Delta society. Every 2 years, we as a team retest with each animals and the test is basically the modified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and with slight modification all animals are tested to the standards of a therapy dog.

We know our animals are special, and we have the only full size donkeys and therapy ducks. Our donkeys and miniature horses do go into all types of facilities. 

They can ride elevators to get to visits that are not on the ground floor. We do mostly groups visits and if the facility would like, we can visit individual rooms for those who are unable to attend a group setting.

We work most types of settings including locked facilities. If you have questions, please ask. If you would like to see some other information posted, please bring it to our attention.

By filling out the form below, we will better be able to make suggestions when we call. I do suggest you first check out the therapy page to understand the types of visits and the calendar page to see if dates are available.

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